A “Lucky” Music Video


I don’t think I really believe in luck. I guess I can see how someone feels ‘lucky’ when they happen to find a $1 bill on the ground. Or you may feel “lucky” that you didn’t cross the street as that delivery bike came screaming up the wrong direction. But when it comes to career “luck” I’m not really sure I buy it. Oh, sure, I can’t deny that some people get “lucky” opportunities or “lucky” breaks, but in truth, if you really examined that person’s life, you will probably find it wasn’t luck at all. It was actually just a moment where, after diligent work on their part, an opportunity came along and they were ready for it. I mean let’s face it, we’ve all gotten lucky opportunities and we often don’t even realize it, or we aren’t ready for it. True luck is found when you are truly prepared and an opportunity makes itself available to you.

So, if that’s how luck is defined, I definitely got “lucky” when I shot my Slow Burn video.

But I think what I really felt more than anything, was pride. Yes, I was super proud because I spearheaded the entire shoot. I produced it, hired all the performers, found and booked the locations, did the wardrobe styling, created the storyboard and performed in it. It felt like a moment in time where I could actually use EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY SKILLS. It took an abundance of planning, which I actually LOVE to do. It took outside-the-box thinking which is often my calling card. It took negotiation skills. It took a creative mind to storyboard and conceptualize the video. It took putting out a million fires before the shoot. And it took the forthrightness to hire 13 great people to do great work, so that I could then just be the artist on the day of the shoot. It was so incredibly rewarding to have the day go like clockwork and then to have a video I am so proud of. It is even crazier that it actually made it through two rounds for Grammy consideration.

Wait. What?????! Yes, it’s true. When I got the news that my video was actually being watch by the  Grammy Awards nominating committee I was so ecstatic. I remember feeling so lucky!

Wait. What? Lucky?

But then I gently reminded myself that it wasn’t luck that did that. It was diligent work I prepared for so that when opportunity knocked, I was ready. And this time, someone noticed.

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