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2017I’m going to be honest with you. I am super glad that we are now in 2017. Despite the amazingly wonderful things that happened in my music life last year, it was also a year of great personal struggle, so I’m super ready to turn 2017 into something really AWESOME! And I’m putting it all in this blog so you guys can hold me accountable to it. In fact, one of the first commitments has to do with this blog! There are going to be a minimum of 52 blog posts this year. I’m going to post once per week and I’m going to talk about life, my music, reaching for your dreams, being creative, and various other topics

But let me get one thing straight right out of the gate. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I’m a HUGE goal setter, but “resolutions” rarely work. Bottom line is that most human beings don’t follow through. Not because humans aren’t awesome, but because humans are not wired to follow through on everything they say they will do automatically. It takes GREAT PERSONAL STRENGTH AND COMMITMENT to actually DO what you say you are going to do. So you’ve got to put tools in place to actually accomplish what you say you are going to do. So by saying “out loud” on this blog that I am going to write 52 blog posts this year, I’m not only making a COMMITMENT to myself, but I’m also making it to you. And I’m asking for you to hold me accountable to what I say I’m going to do!!!

The idea of writing 52 blog posts this year inspired me so much that I decided to play a numbers game. I asked my nieces and nephews to yell out numbers at random until we had ten of them. Then I made a “possibility” attached to that number. Here are the numbers they shouted: 52, 40, 3, 2, 30, 15,000, 50, 1,021, 14, 1

And on a whim, here are the possibilities I created for myself for this year based on those numbers..some of them are ridiculous..but most of them actually really excite me!!!

Write 52 Blog Posts

Write 40 songs

Do 3 career reach outs per day

Get 2 full scale productions of A Proper Place (this is the musical I wrote that is having its World Premiere in March 2017–I would like to get another production mounted this year)

Sell all 50 Reserved Seats at my concert at The W Hotel

Do 30 Live Music Appearances

15,000 Twitter and Instagram followers

1,021 Facebook followers

Do 14 minutes of meditation every day

Book 1 Broadway Show

Pretty cool list, right? Imagine if I do even half of these this year? That would be a pretty awesome year! And actually, many of these are TOTALLY POSSIBLE and some are DOWNRIGHT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

So now you try it…get some friends together and everyone throw a bunch of numbers in a jar. (or do this by yourself) Then each person draws 10 numbers from the jar, and they have to create some possibilities from those numbers! And since you are writing them down why not actually work to achieve them by choosing 3 to 5 of them that you are actually going to commit to accomplishing this year. Go for it! Challenge yourself. Get those same friends to hold you accountable to them and imagine what an awesome year we’ll have together!

So for me…this blog post is 1 of 52 this year! Enjoy. And if you want to see me do my first of 30 music gigs this year, get your tickets today for my January 30 concert at The W Hotel!

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