It’s a Big Deal

TheWConcert2So it isn’t often that I say something is a big deal.

But I’m about to do something that is a total big deal…a solo concert at the W Hotel in Times Square, NYC.

I’m so honored to be a part of the LIVE in the Living Room Series presented by 42/Seven Productions. This company is creating amazing live concert events at W Hotels in Los Angeles and New York. It’s exciting to be a part of that, and as most things in the music world, it requires lots of people to make it happen.

The moment you decide to do a concert everything changes. Your brain goes to work on so many aspects of the production that its easy to get overwhelmed. So for this concert I’m focusing only two things…making sure I sound AWESOME and getting people to buy tickets. But both of those things require a lot of daily commitments. First, in order to sound awesome you have to take super great care of yourself…eat healthy, gets lots of sleep, relax, stay away from sick people and vocalize and work on your material daily leading up to the concert.

In order to get people to buy tickets you have to constantly be talking it up to people, inviting them, doing social media posts, radio interviews and promo for the concert.

And sometimes you have to put out some fires! Like for this concert my original music director/arranger had a hand injury and suddenly was no longer available to write my charts and play, so I spent the last few days hunting madly for his replacement. And now I’ve got an awesome band of musicians lined up including Alex Ortega, Andre Danek and Mikiya! And a cool special guest singing a duet with me–my friend and fellow singer/songwriter and Broadway baby and country artist Catherine Porter!

Then there’s coordinating the entire set. What songs should I sing? How many band members? Do I have all have the charts? Should I write a new song for the show?

Yes…all of these things fill your mind and  your time. And that is only on the creative side! There is a ton to coordinate on the back side with promotion, ticket handling, special invites, etc. Luckily I have a team of people doing that for me.

So, when you come to my concert at the W on January 30–or to anyone’s concert…just know that so much more went into the planning of it than meets the eye. And most of all, just come an enjoy some great music with some friends.  Get your tickets early for up close reserved seating.



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